Forest Park BX to Use a White Label Platform to Give Clients Access To Cantor Exchange

Recent news from Finance Magnates reveal that Cantor Exchange’s dream of creating a global binary options exchange is well on its way towards becoming a wild success due to a new partnership with an FX and binary startup.

The exchange, as well as the white label offers of its platform through various technology partners has now reported successes in the highly restrictive US market. A US-based binary options broker has chosen to use a platform by one of Cantor Exchange’s partners to offer its traders a means to access Cantor Exchange.

The binary options broker in question is called Forest Park BX, which has decided to be an introducing broker for binary options traders. The firm will introduce traders to the Cantor Exchange through SpotOption’s custom white label. SpotOption has been one of the major Cantor Exchange partners. Forest Park BX will use SpotOption’s platform to give its users access to this one-of-a-kind exchange.

SpotOption is expected to complete linking Forest Park FX’s customer relationship management, also known as CRM, to the new platform by early May. At the moment, the website for Forest Park BX is fully functional.

Forest Park BX may be a recent introduction from Forest Park FX, but its determination to spread its reach beyond the American retail binary options trading market will help make Cantor Exchange a global binary options exchange.

Rather than wait until the official launch of the system that will be used to introduce traders to Cantor Exchange through SpotOption’s platform, the binary options brokerage outfit, Forest Park BX, is already referring clients to Cantor Exchange directly.

The decision is seen as a landmark event in the penetration of binary options trading into the highly restrictive US market. More importantly, it shows the optimism the broker has with regard to binary options trading over the Cantor Exchange.

TechFinancials made inroads into the US market by relying on the Cantor Exchange model. SpotOption, as well as TRADOLOGIC also began operations within the US in a bid to expand their services to global markets.

Forest Park BX is a member of the NFA by virtue of being part of Ambassador Capital Management, a US-based financial institution which also has a forex and a binary exchange arms in addition to its newly established binary options segment.

Forest Park BX sets a historical record by being the first binary options broker to use Cantor Exchange while also being licensed to operate in the US under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) licensing.

The company is also a member of National Futures Association, commonly known as NFA. Additionally, Forest Park BX will also be the first introducing broker in the world to refer traders to Cantor Exchange under the SpotOption platform.

The latest developments in the binary options trading field clearly indicate an underlying fight for control in the gigantic American binary options market. America’s pesky regulations when it comes to financial institutions such as forex and binary options brokers have made the market largely inaccessible by many global firms.

Luckily, US firms, as well as Cantor Exchange and its major partners, are working in their various capacities to overcome these hurdles and make Cantor Exchange a success.

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Risk Disclaimer

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